Why Not Us ?

The Brendon Robinson Academy

What We Do


— We Support Minorities

We’ll donate a portion of the proceeds from all Tournament fundraising to local community organizations supporting minorities and/or at-risk youth.


— We Build Communities

We’ll offer financial literacy training & education to the parents of all program participants.


— We Strengthen

We’ll primarily utilize minority owned businesses to cater/service our events, corporate meetings and program gatherings.


— We Provide Guidance

We reinforce values and instill a sense of purpose in at-risk youth by giving them a place in this world. This means more to someone who is lost at heart than what most could ever understand.


— We Uplift

We’ll hire from within the community to building our staffing for events and community gatherings.


— We Rebuild

We help rebuild broken homes and shattered communities. We teach life skills & principles that are built on work ethic, loyalty, and glued together with the shared love of sports.

Why we do it

Bringing Dreams within Reach

Community-based initiatives are the fundamental building blocks in these kids’ lives. Through sport and community, we are able to aid in a successful transition from school to work at the most critical time in the life of at-risk youth.

The Keys to a New Future for At-Risk Youth

These children need stable, caring relationships with the adults in their lives, as well as achievable goals.

Why not do it?
Boys Rise to Greatness by becoming leaders

We provide positive role models to leave a lasting impact in the lives of the children. We help them to learn positive conflict resolution.

Building Self-esteem Instilling Discipline

We are committed to building self-esteem instilling discipline and fostering respect for our coaches and parents. We strive to teach the children about teamwork and develop strong leadership skills. We are exceedingly efficient at it and have impacted so many lives positively.

The Boys who Break New Ground

When a young man is lost and without hope, what He needs is not what he thinks he wants, it is an adult who has been there, to reach down and give him a hand and help him become a man, who will one day be a leader in his community.

We Thank You for Your Donations

The impact our foundation has on the community is unprecedented, we can not do it without your support. Every donation makes a difference, we want to thank all of you who have generously donated to our cause you are truly helping change the lives of so many deserving children.



We work with local &
national sponsors to drive
funding for the program and
provide our students with the
tools & resources they’ll need
to be successful. We truly
value our sponsors and donors!

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