Why Not Us?

The Brendon Robinson foundation

Why Not Us?

Who We Are

The Brendon Robinson Foundation

We are a Black-owned and operated Non-Profit organization advocating for at-risk youth in disenfranchised communities impacted by the “War on Drugs”. We invest in these children by providing sports and education programs that’ll provide them with the tools & leadership skills to compete in the competitive marketplace.

Our foundation was started in 2018, and we believe that by positively impacting the youth during their formidable years we can in fact change the trajectory of our student’s future. Whether it’s college, career placement, entrepreneurism or anything else worth competing for, we’re here to ensure of students are properly prepared. 

Our CEO, Brendon Robinson, was raised by his single mother after his father was sentenced to ten years in federal prison when Brendon was only 13 years old. We understand the difficulties that coincide with growing up in adverse conditions. There are thousands of stories like this across the country and many of these young people aren’t fortunate enough to overcome their situation. We’re providing a bridge to the other side of humanity. 

What We Do


— We Educate

The Mission of our organization is to assist in developing young men into professional and upstanding leaders in their community, through sports & education.


— We Build Leaders

We teach financial literacy, leadership, effort, mindset and perseverance. We build positive mindsets and confident dispositions through vigorous leadership training & education.  


— We Instill Confidence

Most importantly, we instill confidence & set an example for young men who are often growing up without one. Our mentorship program is built on family principles. 


— We Set Standards

We craft positive environments & promulgate a culture that enables our students to reach their fullest potential and be all that they can be.


— We Guide

We’ve been where these young are at, and we’re able to relate to a lot of their experiences. Oftentimes young men simply want to be understood, we’re able to guide them through this perspective. 


— We Uplift

We promote positively, self-confidence, team-orientation and love & respect for all. We pride ourselves on being respectable individuals representing a respectable organization. We maintain this standard by uplifting one another at all times. 

Impact real lives

Will You Help Bring A Child's Dream Within Reach?

Every contribution helps us to build a future, to not have to turn away a child. These kids want to play sports, it fulfills them it fosters a sense of worth. Through sports we’re able to provide financial literacy, that’ll prepare them for the real world and leadership

A Brighter Future — For At-Risk Youth

Through your donations, we’re able to provide modernized equipment, pay for player enrollment fees, sporting facilities, team functions and so much more. You will be sponsoring a kid who comes from a distressed background to be a part of a loving community. You’re helping us reshape their lives & experiences, which is priceless. 



We work with local &
national sponsors to drive
funding for the program and
provide our students with the
tools & resources they’ll need
to be successful. We truly
value our sponsors and donors!

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